"Tullace has captured the heart and soul of the band. He was around to see what made The Vulcans tick. Fortunately for us, he stuck around through the night to see them tock!"
Geoff Bromley, Discount Bookstore

"Without a doubt, Tullace is our most popular author"
Les Johnstone, Humberside Recycling Centre

'Chicken' George Tullace has spent more than half his life on the road with The Vulcans. What he doesn't know about the band, you could write on the mole on a baby ant's backside. From the 'blood for beer' scandal in America's deep south to the 'Ginger nut bank fraud' debacle, he was there. Now, in 'Six Guys Named Joe', Tullace spills the beans on one of the UK's most enduring and enigmatic bands.

'Six Guys Named Joe' will be published this year to coincide with the release of 'Living in the Hard Hat Zone', The Vulcans new film. Order your copy now!

About the author:
George Tullace has written books on drain history and eighteen tourist guides on nightlife in Bangkok.
Pictured right: Smoking in Le Harve, Smoking in New York, At the Empire State, New York, and as he is today in Norwich.

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