Welcome to The Vulcans online chatroom which will be officially launched in 21st September 2007. We will be open for chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a week (except public holidays). Keep it clean - there may be kids chatting!

SPECIAL EVENT: To mark the launch of the chatroom, The Vulcans will be live online to answer your questions. Whether you're a fat, squat bloke in Bejing or one of those tall African ladies with the rings around your neck like in the National Geographic, GET ONLINE! This is a one world, hands-across-the-water style event, a chance to change a few things for the better, and if we can persuade just one nuclear missile assembly line worker to stop and think about what she is doing for just a moment... then maybe there's hope for us all.

The band will be available from 3pm until 4pm GMT on launch day.


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